the Digibyte


DigiByte can be used as one of the foundational technologies for a more secure and decentralized Web3. DigiByte was founded in 2014 by Jared Tate. It’s an open-source, scalable, decentralized UTXO blockchain with a fixed maximum supply of 21 billion coins, all mined in 2035. Based on the code of Bitcoin, but with its own independent blockchain.

There was never an ICO and there is no company or authoritative centralized body behind this permissionless network. For its development, marketing, adoption and actual use-cases, it’s depending on the activities deployed by members of its community, where some are organized in teams like the DigiByte Awareness Team and formal entities like DigiAssetX, DigiByte Alliance, DigiCorp Labs and the DigiByte Foundation.

DigiByte is very well balanced between features.


DigiByte uses 5 different mining algorithms, and to be protected against control of more than half of all the computing power and validation authority of the network, DigiByte pioneered both MultiShield and DigiShield, a technology that created an asymmetric realtime difficulty adjustment and now even widely implemented in many other blockchains.


15 second blocktime, 1066 transactions per second.


DigiByte has negligible transaction fees.


Thousands of active nodes around the globe.

Digibyte technology


DigiByte Blockchain can protect your business or organization from cyber threats, and secure your business processes with trustless, decentralized future-proof technologies and solutions. Using DigiByte wallet technology for authentication, you can ensure a safe login to any environment where you need to identify yourself.

To ensure verification of authenticity of data, without having to trust a third party, the DigiByte blockchain can be used to create hashes (fingerprints) of the original validated data.

If you want to know what DigiByte Technology can do for your business or organization, you can reach out to us.



The DigiByte Foundation is empowering the DigiByte Ecosystem through global decentralization with advocates and ambassadors from a worldwide community of volunteers.



The DigiByte Foundation endorses inclusiveness and diversity, based on the principle of equal opportunity for all. We help businesses, organizations, and individuals around the globe, seizing the opportunities that are being created with DigiByte technology, to take full advantage of the benefits. We guide you through the information, education, monetization and application of DigiByte blockchain technology, its cryptocurrency and DigiByte based solutions, in our growing digital environments.


Focus Points

Global Presence

We will grow our number of ambassadors and aim to have a representative in every region of the world, regional ambassadors and local country ambassadors. Our ambassadors are able to get the message out in native language, and be a local advocate and point of contact. An ambassador will reach out and make connections to local businesses, communities and KOL’s. Ambassadors will also be able to explain how DigiByte Blockchain can protect businesses from cyber threats, and can make the right connections to establish the development of new use-cases. Soon we will have a program ready to apply for becoming an ambassador.


There is much knowledge to gain, and much knowledge to share. Education is not self-evident in every country, especially in developing countries. We want to create equal opportunities for all. Information should be easily accessible for both experienced people and newbies. With regular educational content, and by facilitating an educational platform, different blockchain-, crypto- And DigiByte related topics will be covered.


There is a need for more developers, especially for the core protocol development. Not only experienced developers, but also students, hobbyists, young and older ambitious people, people that are eager to learn and above all, subscribe to our core values. Every developer should be able to feel at home in our community and must be assured to get the right guidance and support when willing to contribute to specific development tasks and of course, eventually will be rewarded for it and claim a bounty. Moreover, we should find more people running full nodes to expand and strengthen the DigiByte Network to maintain continuity and stability.

Collaboration / Partnerships

Any project, group, individual or business that actively contributes to the DigiByte Ecosystem, can count on our support to help them grow. We will actively look for alignment, collaboration and synergies with other groups in our community, other blockchain projects and decentralized technologies, not only to get value, but add value and provide win-win situations to empower the DigiByte ecosystem.


We represent Digibyte

Learn and share

build and develop

Support and Promote

Become a digibee

Become part of this global movement towards decentralization, regardless of who you are, where you are, what you are.

Join as a developer and

help improve the protocol or

build solutions.

Advocate by spreading the word.

Create awareness as ambassador

and be a representative of

DigiByte in your region



We Inform

We provide and share information about the technology, cryptocurrency, projects, markets, use- cases, all with an educational purpose.

We Support

We provide funds and resources to ensure ongoing development of the core protocol and attract new developers. With our neutral position, we are a bridge between different stakeholders in the DigiByte Ecosystem.

We Promote

We help to increase public awareness, stimulate adoption, intensify loyalty, increase our community and enhance the DigiByte ecosystem.

We Present

We are a point of contact for enterprises, small businesses, organizations and governments in regards to development, integration, application and the use of our technology and the DGB currency.


About US

The Sichting DigiByte Foundation is a legal entity under Dutch law. The DigiByte Foundation is a nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers. Accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and openness to all stakeholders are our essential values.

The DigiByte Foundation is financially completely dependent on sponsors and community donations.