Become an ambassador and help to support the global DigiByte Blockchain project!

In accordance with the plans to significantly revive and recharge the DigiByte Foundation and with reference to our 4 announced focus points:

  1. Global Presence / Ambassadors
  2. Education
  3. Development
  4. Collaboration / Partnerships

The DigiByte Foundation is committed towards the formation and establishment of a more global presence. Therefore the Foundation will seek to engage and pro-actively interact with like minded groups and individuals to educate about the DigiByte Blockchain technology and DGB, its digital currency. Everyone, with sincere and good intentions is welcome to work and receive the support from the DigiByte Foundation to foster, improve and spread the word for DigiByte and its capabilities as a secure, fast and cost-effective blockchain and payment network.

More DigiByte Ambassadors and Volunteers from around the world will be needed to truly build and establish a global presence and significant awareness for DigiByte. This process will take some time but ultimately contribute greatly to building DigiByte Awareness.

Developing a global presence for the DigiByte Foundation means that the Foundation will focus and emphasize on “decentralization & multi-polar team development” by finding and collaborating with credible partners from diverse ethnic & cultural backgrounds and all walks of life.

We believe that DigiByte is meant to be recognized and adopted in the developed world, but even more importantly, that DGB and the DigiByte Blockchain is destined to succeed with discovery and adoption in developing nations. Countries that possibly have lower income brackets, are equipped with younger, often unbanked demographics. People familiar with electronic forms of payment via their smartphones, and regions with larger populations and fast growing economies.Regions, such as Middle East, South- and Middle America, Africa, South East Asia, Indian sub continent, etc.

We believe approaching these regions is best achieved by engaging with maximum levels of inclusiveness and proactive communication with the help of DigiByte Ambassadors from all corners of the world. Ambassadors will support DigiByte‘s community and serve as regional points of contact, reaching out and making connections to local communities, businesses and key opinion leaders.

In one sentence, Ambassadors for the DigiByte Foundation, and ultimately DigiByte will help build bridges to connect with audiences from various backgrounds on a regional level, in their language, with their cultural context and in their own unique ways.

If you have, just like us, a ‘DGB blue’ heart, and if you feel inspired and motivated, and  have the ability to volunteer your time to contribute to the DigiByte project, you might be the right person to become an ambassador.
Send your application using this form and we will reach out to you:

Support DigiByte by using the ChangeNow widget on the DigiByte Foundation website
Powered by ChangeNOW , the DigiByte Foundation has enabled a feature to purchase DGB directly via the website promoted by the DigiByte Foundation.
The DigiByte Foundation has taken the next step forward into the partnership with LCX
The DigiByte Foundation is glad to announce LCX as a first Sponsoring Partner to the DigiByte Foundation since the Foundation’s restructuring. To commence the sponsorship, LCX will not only list a new $DGB/$USDC trading pair but also commit to sending 50% of the trading fees generated by this pair over to the DigiByte Foundation.
Not Your Keys Not Your DigiByte!
Not Your Keys Not Your DigiByte!
The phrase was coined by the DigiByte Community and spread across social media for months and months on end. In reference to the recent drama unfolding in the proof of stake crypto land these days it’s just become evermore important to understand the deeper meaning of the tagline – “Not Your Keys Not Your DigiByte” or not your Crypto to expand beyond DGB in cold storage.