What's New

Powered by ChangeNOW , the DigiByte Foundation has enabled a feature to purchase DGB directly via the website promoted by the DigiByte Foundation.

The DigiByte Foundation is glad to announce LCX as a first Sponsoring Partner to the DigiByte Foundation since the Foundation's restructuring. To commence the sponsorship, LCX will not only list a new $DGB/$USDC trading pair but also commit to sending 50% of the trading fees generated by this pair over to the DigiByte Foundation.

Not Your Keys Not Your DigiByte!
The phrase was coined by the DigiByte Community and spread across social media for months and months on end. In reference to the recent drama unfolding in the proof of stake crypto land these days it's just become evermore important to understand the deeper meaning of the tagline - “Not Your Keys Not Your DigiByte” or not your Crypto to expand beyond DGB in cold storage.