DigiByte Foundation FAQ

The DigiByte Foundation is a volunteer managed organization that operates in a nonprofit way.

Therefore aspects like accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and openness to all stakeholders is seen as essential.

The DigiByte Foundation will be a nonprofit vehicle, where the legal form will be a Dutch "Stichting" (Public- or Community Foundation).
The DigiByte Foundation will - like the rest of DigiByte - be a volunteer managed organization that operates in a nonprofit way. Board members et cetera do not get any remuneration or payment. These are all intentionally unpaid roles. Therefore aspects like accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and openness to all stakeholders is seen as essential. Although the tentative Board comes from within the DigiByte community, they are no more or less part of the DigiByte community than anyone else. The Foundation is by no means a centralized extension of DigiByte; on the contrary, that would go against anything we all wholeheartedly believe in.

As a Foundation we believe we can help mobilize and empower the DigiByte community, and work for and with them to achieve just that. We do not claim to represent all people who own or use DigiByte, we simply want to be there for them, and invite them to join us in helping to achieve that.
Because of the not for profit aspect, this foundation is inherently not self-serving, but instead serves a community goal.
Ordinary business-structures suggest a for-profit goal. This goes against what we feel is important, namely trust. A foundation can help to bring that trust. Additionally, cryptocurrency organizations are helping their currencies to flourish, but want the currency to exist independently. This can be done by providing support in terms of development, research, education, and marketing but without directly benefiting from the cryptocurrency; decentralized and independent. This makes a foundation one of the driving forces behind developments.
And then there is a principled reason, namely that the concept of decentralization entails removing the power of authority from the hands of a few and distributing it uniformly among the community. The foundation helps securing that key principle of blockchain, where everyone in DigiByte so wholeheartedly subscribes to.

This grassroots movement is still growing and therefore we feel the need to be a trusted entity for all community members, all over the world, that want to become part of DigiByte, that want to support and help the project moving forward, and that want to have a voice in any decision about DigiByte.

The goal of the DigiByte Foundation is to promote and support the DigiByte Blockchain and its users, to stimulate the development and worldwide adoption of the DigiByte blockchain and the principles of decentralization in general. Development of DGB technology is a core focus point. In our opinion this is essential to further establish and maintain a sustainable decentralized world. We arrive at this from an underlying and unwavering belief that decentralization is unstoppable.

DigiByte Foundation’s vision is to empower the community, and to decentralize the world. That means we want to facilitate and support all of DigiByte’s community and be a pilot for the blockchain community at large. Doing so makes DigiByte a catalyst in creating decentralized solutions that can be applied in the social, political and economical landscapes. The core values the DigiByte Foundation - and anyone who supports it - subscribes to are: decentralization, inclusiveness, permissionless, integrity, transparency – openness, consensus, thought leadership. Once the foundation has garnered some funds, the foundation will in conjunction with the DigiByte community, not only initiate and promote projects and community initiatives, but also promote the DigiByte ecosystem and further development by supporting the developers, business developers and marketers, with a focus on outreach, awareness, education, adoption.

Become a DigiBee!

-What’s a DigiBee?

A DigiBee is a member of the DigiByte community that wants to support the DigiByte Foundation by sponsoring and will be entited to vote on the DigiByte Foundation's proposals. Our donation and subscription platform is now ready. You can now subscribe and with your contribution you will receive the right to vote on any future decision that we as Foundation would like you, the community, to be involved in. For example, this could be election of board members, spending of funds, selection of projects for development, et cetera, or on issues you as community put on the agenda.

Make your donation in DGB here: https://digibytefoundation.io/donate/

Important: Please don’t forget to fill in a valid email address!

To stay up to date, please follow us on twitter: @DGB_Foundation and @DigiBeeOfficial.

We have a sponsorship programs, to engage in meaningful cooperation and partnerships with business entities in the DigiByte community, who subscribe to our views. This value adding relationship will help the DigiByte Foundation achieve its goals: “To protect and promote the true principles of decentralization, and empower DigiByte and its community to further establish and maintain a sustainable decentralized world”. Apart from establishing an intrinsic connection, the program is aimed to generate funding for the DigiByte Foundation, to sponsor community programs and activities. Those activities can be – subject to no conflict with DigiByte Foundation goals - aligned with sponsor’s goals and objectives.

More information about this program can be found here:

DigiByte Foundation Patron & Sponsorship program

We are still building the foundation, and we do this carefully and step by step. For us this is also a learning experience, so be sure we make errors on our way forward, but also be sure we will fix it to the satisfaction of the community. The activities and projects we will be launching are very much depending on funds and of course the wishes of the community. We will inform, and have the community involved, by communication on social media and in future also with a newsletter (email).

Please follow us on twitter: @DGB_Foundation


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