The DigiByte Foundation has developed a sponsorship program for the community members and businesses that want to support DigiByte. The program is aimed to generate funding for the DigiByte Foundation to sponsor core development and community programs and activities.

We are very grateful that Vertbase has continuously been showing to be an amazing supporter to DigiByte and is now willing to sponsor the DigiByte Foundation. Vertbase is one of the few exchanges proven to be trustworthy and moreover, they share the same values and business ethics that we, the DigiByte Foundation, consider to be crucial in the DigiByte ecosystem and its principles of decentralization.

Thanks to Vertbase, anyone is now able to donate to the DigiByte Foundation, using this link:

Vertbase is no longer facilitating the donation platform, please visit our own renewed donation platform:

The DigiByte Foundation will present its donor program for DigiByte community members very soon; the so called ‘DigiBees’. For less than $10 per year, you can become a DigiBee. As Donor you will receive voting-assets, so you have a voice in every decision we will make. Appointments of board members, selecting community projects and the spending of funds, etc, all ask for your approval, so you can actively help in shaping and forming the decentralized DigiByte landscape.

Stay tuned. And if you already want to donate… please go ahead. Thanks in advance for your support. This means a lot.

The DigiByte Foundation.


Warning: When donating, always be sure to use only the links on the official source, the DigiByte Foundation website. Never trust anyone providing a link, address or QR code in a PM or on social media!


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