Articles of Association of the

“Stichting DigiByte Foundation”

As a narrative, please consider the following comments:

  • Original document “Statuten van de Stichting DigiByte Foundation” is in Dutch (the official version has to be notarized and submitted in Dutch). This is a translation, which means it may have lost a certain degree of context.   
  • Please provide comments with specific reference to which article etc.
  • Article 9, Advisory Board. There is no advisory board yet, but we have decided to provisional already put it in the Articles of Association.
  • In article 14, due to privacy, our personal data is withheld.

On a final note, we have put a fair bit of time and effort in composing these Articles of Association, and therefore – without being complacent of condescending – feel we are ready to submit this to you, and ask your feedback and possible suggestions. Once received and possibly processed these, we are ready to submit these to the community and ask their approval.

Thanks in advance for your review.


Chair: Rudy Bouwman

Secretary and vice-Chair: Lars Weber

Treasurer: Rutge Krijnen

Manager Communty Service: Mike Aldy